Sunday, 12 December 2010

Who was so clever to name them like that???

And now for something completely different: a post in English. For two reasons: first - because I can, second - just to check how the language influences the net traffic. I will repost it in Polish in a couple of days.

To the point:

A friend told me how he and his mates flew to South Africa to see soccer World Cup in June this year. They landed in Johannesburg and were to change airlines to fly to Pretoria or somewhere else - never mind. They saw their plane ... and their jaws dropped. The name of the airlines was One Time Airline. They did not know the name beforehand as it was a tour organised by a travel agency. Some of them started thinking of not flying with One Time Airlines, just not to tempt the fate. Finally they flew and there was a business as usual - no problems whatsoever.

But I wonder who was the genius who name them like that?

Your views will be appreciated.


  1. Thanks for posting in English as I usually have to rely on my Google translator and I get some funny translations when that happens.
    I think they named it 1 time because they believe you only need to fly once with them you'll never fly with another airline again.

  2. It might be the correct explanation, but how misleading it is for regular folks...